Case Study: Planning for Database Migrations

Many project managers, database administrators, system architects or¬†software developers experience at least once in their lifetime the perspective of a database migration. Your company acquired Oracle and you want to see if your SQL Server based application cannot be easily switched to Oracle. Or to an open-source client-server database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Or, for a small application with no justification for such large resources, you want to check the cost of migrating all your queries to SQLite or Firebird. (more…)

Case Study: Better than a Spreadsheet

Grouping is great, but it should be just the beginning. How many times you had some aggregates (totals, counts etc), but could not immediately and instantly expand ANY row, to see what records have been actually considered together? In Query Xtractor, result rows of any GROUP BY query are designed to be further navigated this way!

Case Study: Data Models for Your Agile Team

Instant flexible data models for most relational database management systems. Choose what tables and views to add in each diagram. Expanded, collapsed or minimized shapes. Expandable relationships as surrogate shape items. Chain relationships and custom joins. Table, view and columns aliases. And did I mention the Model Xtractor is all FREE? More to come: web publishing in self-hosted environment, with team collaboration.

Case Study: Learn SQL with Query Xtractor

I’ll say this, and not just because I advertise this product, but I’ll prove it: Query Xtractor is one of the best tools to learn SQL! Once again: Query Xtractor – from the Data Xtractor suite – is one of the best possible ways to help you learn SQL! And not just plain and simple SQL, but SQL adapted to different real world DBMSs or standalone database engines.

Case Study: Enough typing queries, DBAs

I always admired how most database administrators I worked with love typing both simple and complex queries with absolutely no help from a QBE (Query by Examples) graphical interface. Truth being said, the large majority of database administration tools offer a somehow poor user experience in this regard. And Query Xtractor is intended to improve this area.