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String Operations

Switch to design mode the String Formulas demo query for various operations on strings (there is also a similar String Filters demo query for string operations in the Where clause, and a String Group Filter demo query for string operations in the Having cause):

  • concatenation of text values – translates into platform-specific operations.
  • check if [does not] contains, starts or ends with a string – transparently translates into a simplified LIKE clause, with no extended patterns.
  • string comparison – just plain and simple alphabetic string comparison.
  • check if [not] within list/field values – translates into either IN (value1, value2, …) or IN (SELECT field FROM table).



String Functions

Switch to design mode the String Functions demo query for all our string-related generic top-level functions. All these functions are contextual (i.e. they apply to the field, constant value or expression you have in place), have no parameters or parameters with default values (to work right away), and translate to platform specific database functions:

  • Length – gets number of characters in string.
  • ToUpper / ToLower – converts to upper or lower cases.
  • Trim / LeftTrim / RightTrim – removes starting and/or trailing spaces.
  • Left(length=1) / Right(length=1) – gets substring of length starting from one margin.
  • Substring(start=1, length=1) – gets substring of length starting from a position inside.
  • Position(substring=’abc’) – gets position of substring within string.
  • Reverse – reverses characters in string.
  • Replace(pattern=’abc’, repl=’123′) – replaces all pattern occurrences with repl.
  • Insert(start=1, length=1, repl=’123′) – removes length chars from start and inserts repl.
  • Repeat(times=3) – repeats current string several times.
  • IsNumeric – True or False if string could be converted to a number.



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