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Suite of powerful and flexible graphical modules, on Windows, which help you visualize and virtually enhance reverse-engineered data models (by the Model Xtractor functional module), and visually design complex queries, without writing one single line of SQL (by the Query Xtractor functional module). If you already paid for Query Xtractor and want an upgrade, click here.

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Model Xtractor

Query Xtractor

Data Xtractor

Data Xtractor is our suite of powerful and flexible graphical modules, to help you:

  • Reverse-engineer and virtually enhance data models offline, in Model Xtractor.
  • Design and run complex SELECT queries, without writing one single SQL line, in Query Xtractor.


Model Xtractor Specific Powerful Features

Detailed, structural, relationships, simple, graph or topological auto-generated and custom data models. Save models as image or PDF.

Virtually enhance your model with chain relationships and custom joins. Auto Layout and Auto Expand relationships.

Expanded, collapsed, minified or transparent shapes. Frame shapes used as containers for other shapes, to represent modular areas.



Query Xtractor Specific Powerful Features

Powerful visual query builder, with reusable query expressions, conditional formula, contextual menu to make only allowed choices and design more reliable queries. Instant lookup fields and instant drill-down on result rows, through aggregates and relationships.

Auto-emulated or native grouping sets (with ROLLUP and CUBE), pivot/crosstabs, window functions, Intersect/Except, inclusive/exclusive joins and many other features.

Multiple views of a query, with either CTE (Common Table Expressions) or with nested subqueries. Simulate queries for other platforms, without having those platforms installed.

Generic Skip-and-Keep queries, with built-in pagination. Union queries designed the simple way. Display format, cell highlight, bottom-page summaries calculated on client’s side.



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