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Model Xtractor


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Visual data modeling inspection tool for most popular one-way reverse-engineered relational databases. Generic graphical interface, with auto-generated detailed, structural, relationships, simple, graph or topological models. Expanded, collapsed, minified or transparent shapes. Chain relationships, custom joins and aliases, to enhance your model without altering the database itself.


Product Description

Model Xtractor (more screens here) is our free, powerful and flexible data modeling inspection tool, for most popular one-way reverse-engineered relational databases.

Virtually enhance offline your data model with custom joins, chain relationships and name aliases, without actually changing anything on the database server. Conceptual many-to-many relationships, bypassing the hidden intersection tables. Auto-generated relationship items, to help you detect and expand relationships into connectors with simple drag and drop.


Auto-generated detailed, structural, relationship, simple, graph or topological models. Limited but powerful set of diagram options, for visually stunning effects. Save model as image or PDF.

Expanded, collapsed, minified or transparent shapes. Frames to use as modules and group other shapes together. Shape and item aliases.

Auto Layout and Auto Expand relationships. Mouse over an element to highlight all related elements.


Data Xtractor Suite

Combine Model Xtractor with Query Xtractor:

  • design queries and get them instantly translated into SQL, without writing one line of SQL code
  • on-the-fly automatically emulated grouping sets or crosstabs queries
  • instant drill-down to related data on the results, through aggregates or relatioonships
  • instant lookup fields,  data format, cell highlight
  • multiple views of the same query, with either CTE (Common Table Expressions) or nested SELECT subqueries

Download Free Edition

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