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Universal visual SQL query builder, generator and runner, for most popular relational databases. Generic graphical interface for vendor specific or emulated queries with grouping sets, pivot tables, window functions and so much more. Type less, design simple to complex queries within seconds, get and run instantly generated SQL SELECT queries with no prior SQL knowledge actually required.

If you plan to pay for Query Xtractor and get Model Xtractor for free, you will not be able to start both applications in the same time, on the same computer! For a very small price difference, Data Xtractor comes with all modules combined into a single application.
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Query Xtractor (more screens here), our main productivity tool, is a powerful universal visual SQL query builder, generator and runner.

Design flexible and reliable queries within seconds, without writing one single line of SQL. No prior SQL knowledge required. Great tool to learn SQL, with many generated demo queries. Reusable query expressions, conditional formula, generic high-level functions API and fluent/contextual notation.

Get instantly generated vendor-specific SQL, run the read-only SELECT queries directly against relational databases and show the results. Support for almost all popular client-server, cloud and desktop relational databases, including Oracle and SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL, Azure and Amazon Redshift, SQLite and Firebird.

Type less, way less. Auto-quoting identifiers and transparent handling of SQL aliases. Auto-fixing NULL problems. Removes many vendor-specific elements of surprise. Generic string concatenator and operators. Automatic handling of empty but mandatory FROM clauses.


Grouping sets (with CUBE and ROLLUP), pivot/cross tables, Intersect/Except, window functions (with global/contextual ranking and analytic functions), extended aggregatessort with NULLs  and many other advanced features, through either native vendor support or emulated.

Lookup fields and instant drill-down on result rows, to aggregated entries or more related data, through relationships.


Skip-and-Keep queries and transparent built-in paging mechanism. Display format on the end result. Highlight specific cells. Bottom-page summaries calculated on client’s side. Hide or merge duplicate cells together.

Multiple views of an SQL query, with either CTE (Common Table Expressions) or nested SELECT subqueries. Reuse any query as a nested subquery in another new query. Inline subqueries for simple aggregates. Simulate any query for other supported platforms, without having those platforms installed.

Data Xtractor Suite

Combine Query Xtractor with Model Xtractor:

  • custom and auto-generated re-engineered data models
  • unlimited number of views of your data model
  • chain relationships and custom joins, to enhance your model without altering the database itself
  • simple, topological or graph models to visualize the inter-connectivity
  • structure-focused or relationship-focused data model views

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