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How do you create a new folder?

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    Marc Lapointe

    I want to create a new subfolder and move some queries in it. I go to the Queries folder, but there is no New Folder contextual command, as in Windows Explorer. How do you create a new subfolder?



    Cristi S.

    We do not want empty folders, so our approach is just a bit different. Select your queries, right click and choose Move to New Folder. A new custom subfolder is created, your queries are moved here and you can rename your folder now. Whenever you move the last child object out of a custom folder, the folder is automatically deleted.

    Move to New Folder

    We call them custom folders to separate them from the special top folders under your database node: Tables, Views, Models, Queries, Bookmarks. You cannot move, delete or rename these special folders . Any object can be moved to another custom folder, but within the same branch: you cannot move a query under Models, table under Queries and so on. To move objects and folders under a different existing folder, select them, then drag and drop them on that folder.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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