Couchbase Certified Java Developer: How to Prepare For and Pass the Exam in Just 3 Days

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Here is a proven method on how to become a Couchbase Certified Java Developer in just a few days, using the recommended course, some high-quality practice tests and the referenced documentation.

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Couchbase Certified Java Developer

Couchbase is one of the most popular document store databases, faster than MongoDB:

The Couchbase certification program was launched just recently, in mid-October 2020, with one single exam and certification, for the Couchbase Associate Java Developer title. Other certifications – like Couchbase Associate Architect and Couchbase Professional Administrator – are not yet available, but already announced.

For the developer exam, the recommended learning path is to register for the free Couchbase Associate Java Developer Certification Course (CB130j). This comes with a Study Guide which is worth looking at, because all exam questions will be from those areas. The course is however 8-hour long, with 8 modules, 7 labs and several quizzes.

If you do not have time enough and are looking for a different way to quickly learn Couchbase and pass the exam, I recommend my brand new Practice Tests, on either Udemy or as a Kindle ebook. They have 3 practice exams with 40 questions each, similar to the real exam. The questions are either original, or adapted from the quizzes of the previous course, and closely emulate the questions from the real exam. You can practice again and again, look at the detailed answers and learn more on each subject going through the links presented as references.

Couchbase Certified Java Developer – Practice Tests

My brand new Become a Couchbase Certified Java Developer: Practice Exams course on Udemy has three original or adapted practice tests, with 40 questions each, like the real exam.


All questions are closely emulating the ones from the real exam. They come up with detailed answers and explanations, so you’ll be also able to learn (a lot) by just looking at the answers.

An alternative is my brand new Couchbase Certified Java Developer: Exam Practice Tests ebook on Amazon, with the same 120 total questions, but in Kindle format.

I could almost guarantee my practice exams will help you so much! If last day you just take the time to relax, and play again and again with these practice tests, I could almost say that a consistent 90% on these tests will help you pass the Couchbase Certified Java Developer exam for sure.

How to Prepare in Just 3 Days

I had no prior knowledge of Couchbase when I got into this. I knew however enough about NoSQL and JSON-based document stores like MongoDB. I had years of software development, including in Java – but Java was not my primary language and you may know just the programming basics for this exam.

First day you can just quickly go through the previous free course, without narration and without labs. You may also skip the quizzes for now, as they’ve been adapted in my Practice Tests, with answers and references. It’s also time to schedule the exam, even two-three days from now (but only if you feel confident enough!).

Second day you may go through the practice tests. You are expected to fail, so do not worry and switch to the answers. Try to understand each use case, as they are essential. When in doubt, go through the referenced links to the online documentation, to learn more.

Third day you may have scheduled the exam in the evening. Continue practicing, again and again, until you consistently get 90% or more on each practice exam.

Couchbase Certified Associate Java Developer Exam

The exam is not very hard, but not extremely easy. I’d say the Couchbase Academy course may help you get 60-70% at the real test, but the passing score is 80%, and you would need my practice exams to help you out.

The proctored exam has 40 questions, most of them either single choice or with multiple selections. The multi-select questions tell you how many answers are correct, but they are a bit tricky, because at least one answer may be close to the choices left. You’ll have a time limit of 90 minutes, and this will be enough, chances are you’ll complete the exam in less than an hour.

The passing score is 80%, so you’re allowed to get wrong less than 8 questions overall, out of 40. And this will be a challenge. The exam costs only $50 US, that you must pay in advance, when you schedule the exam. Unlike other proctored IT certification exams, this one will require you to install a ProctorU Chrome extension. Reserve at least 2-3 days in advance.

You’ll get the results right away, with your score. There is no printed certificate, but few hours later, if you passed, you’ll get a badge from Acclaim, that you may share publicly and from LinkedIn:


To conclude, it is so much fun to prepare for the Couchbase Certified Associate Java Developer exam. It’s also feasible to prepare in just a few days. I truly prepared in less than three days, with no previous knowledge about Couchbase.

Beware however this is not a walk in a park, and I did not get the best score with my marathon. Using just a few days to prepare doesn’t make you a Couchbase expert. I just hope the few tricks I shared here, and the practice tests I prepared, will help you do better. Good luck!

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