Visual Xtractor

Visual Xtractor is a free data visualization and real-time analytics productivity tool for relational databases, with minimal configuration. The same generic interface is used for all supported databases: Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL, Sybase/SAP ASE or SQL Anywhere, Amazon Aurora or Redshift, SQLite or Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server CE or Access.

Visual Xtractor helps you instantly create dozens of chart types directly from SQL database query results, the OLTP way; that’s great for database developer used to OLTP (Online Transaction Processing), and limited DSS (Decision Support System) knowledge.

Use Visual Xtractor as part of Data Xtractor, for additional designed queries with our visual SQL query builder, and rich ER model diagrams extracted from your database. There could be one regular chart area per result, at the bottom of the screen, while inline charts are rendered inside the grid cells.

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Visual Xtractor Features Summary

Add Charts to Any SQL Query Resulttype an SQL query, then assign chart types to the SELECT columns
Add Inline Charts to Result Grid Columnsassign inline charts to be rendered in result grid's cells
Add Regular Charts to SQL Query Resultsassign modern regular charts to be rendered separately after the result grid
Style Added Inline and Regular Chartsselect from dozens of builtin chart themes, to style your inline and regular charts, the result grid itself, or the SQL viewer
Dynamically Interact with Your Chartsinteractive features allow you to hide points or series through the legend items, highlight chart areas, zoom in or out, show a trackball or crosshairs, explode pie slices etc
Export Your Chartscopy and export your charts and data as images, text, PDFs etc

Visual Elements

Inline and Regular Charts

Charts can be used on SQL queries, typed by hand and then visually set-up with three query builders:

  1. Chart – assign specific chart types for a large regular chart at the bottom of the screen. It can be minimized or maximized, or further configured through the chart toolbar buttons.
  2. Inline Chart – assign specific inline chart types to columns, for special in-cell effects. They can be further configured through the grid toolbar buttons.
  3. Format – additional format options on rendered data will apply on the result grid cells and the regular chart data.

Step-by-Step Chart Creation

Create New Query

  1. Create New Text Query – you may create an empty SQL query or from a table or view of the current database.
  2. Edit Your Custom SQL – use Data Xtractor instead, if you want charts with full SQL query builders, as in Query Xtractor. Because Visual Xtractor allows only manual SQL queries with three configuration column builders: Chart, Inline Chart and Format.
  3. Run Your SQL Query – before wondering about the query builders, run your query once. This will allow you to fix any errors and to dynamically determine the visible columns for your result grid.
  4. Set Charts in Columns – switch back and forth between your data grid and the SQL edit mode, to adjust your query and assign chart types for each column. Check boxes enable or temporarily disable any chart or format for your query.
  5. Configure Inline Charts – on the result grid, use the toolbar buttons on the left to fine-tune the inline charts: change grid or inline chart’s theme, show or hide text, colors, gradient etc.
  6. Configure Regular Charts – use the regular chart toolbar buttons at the bottom to fine-tune the chart: change chart’s theme, markers, hashes etc; show in 3D, in colors or monochrome, with or without axis titles or labels etc.
  7. Hide Point or Series – regular’s chart legend, if any, is collapsible and interactive: you may usually hide specific points or series from your chart by legend item clicks.

Create New Charts

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Chart Styling

Inline Range Bars

Xtractor Templates is a free tool installed with each of our products. It helps you style different areas of the application with themes, color palettes, marker and background images, hash patterns etc. You have different themes for your SQL viewer, grid result, the inline charts and the regular chart.

Previous image shows the popup for Grid Themes over a grid result with Range inline charts whose style has been already changed.

Change Chart Theme Popup

Change your chart theme in a similar fashion. To better help you make the right decision, the Chart Themes popup shows charts similar to your current chart, but with a different style. Here you had some of our builtin predefined chart themes for the current Waffle Chart. In Xtractor Templates you may change these styles or create your own themes.

Bump Chart

This interesting modern Rank/Bump Chart had its markers changed with some other gradient builtin marker images, that you may select from the Marker Palettes popup.

Interactive Features

Status Chart

You may also enable or disable any interactivity all together.

  1. Interactive Legend – allows you to hide individual points or series by single mouse clicks on the legend items.
  2. Explode on Click – shows pie/doughnut slices or funnel/pyramid segments “exploded”, with gaps between.
  3. Show Cursor Position – tracks current mouse position on the chart area.
  4. Show Trackball or Crosshairs – shows either a trackball (i.e. a vertical line) or crosshairs (i.e. one vertical and one horizontal line) on the current mouse position.
  5. Point Highlight or Selection – highlights/selects a chart element (i.e. bar/column, slice/segment etc) on screen.
  6. Use Zoom – allows selection and zoom in of a rectangular area.
  7. Use Tooltips – shows info about a point element when the mouse moves over.
  8. Use Rotation – allows rotation of some chart types, such as pie or doughnut.
  9. Use Animation – allows animation on some chart types, such as pie or doughnut.

Chart Types

Heat Maps

Visual Xtractor offers a large number of regular and modern inline and regular charts. Each chart type is configured for a specific visual aspect when you use it. Most charts require only a simple selection of a specific chart type in a result column, with the optional selection of a field as Label. The image below shows a Heat Map inline chart similar to a Radial Heat Map regular chart, using the same theme and colors.

Funnel Area Chart

Most charts also allow an easy configuration of their display style, beyond the chart themes and color palettes. For the funnel area above, you may change the Funnel Area display style with single clicks, without having to open toolbar’s drop-down menu every time. All is built with efficiency and maximum productivity in mind.

Variable Size Doughnut Chart

Rare, modern and unusual chart types help you send your visual message in no time. The previous Variable Size Doughnut chart helps you switch between three rare and different sub-chart types with single clicks.

ImportantData Xtractor includes all the functionality of Visual Xtractor, but you can also design the full SQL queries with our visual builders, instead of typing them.

As a combination of Visual, Query and Model Xtractor, in Data Xtractor you may also create diagrams with Entity-Relationship models for your database.

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