This quiz helps you better understand some chart types. Each question has one single featured image, and four text choices: you have to pick one.

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#1 What kind of areas a Stream Graph shows??For strict positive numbers, areas can never intersect

Areas are indeed Stacked one above the other, not Grouped one behind the other. And they are Spline areas, as they show curve lines.

#2 What type of Line chart is this??That's a specific Line chart layout, when N lines go only on N different horizontal levels.

A Bump chart or Rank chart does not render values as points, but the ranking position between the values at any moment. Take Apples: 22 is the greatest value and comes on top, 6 follows second and 2 is the lowest, it comes last.

#3 What type of chart is this??These are indeed stacked bars with both variable height AND width

Mosaic charts have no gaps between the bars, but do not have variable width. This looks indeed like a Mekko or Marimekko chart, with width automatically adjusted to the participation of each stack in the whole.

#4 What chart type cannot use a Quadrant??A Quadrant require both quantitative axes

Bar charts always have a category axis, so they cannot be split properly into four areas.

#5 What type of chart the graph below is NOT??You have two separate Bar series, one on the right side, the other on the left side of the vertical axis

This is both a Butterfly chart and a Population Pyramid chart. Which is also a special type of Stacked Bar chart.

#6 What is this chart??Each chain of rectangles with the same color belong to a series

Waffle charts appear like walls of fully stacked bricks on both width and height.

#7 What type of graph is this??The angle of each slice might be different

Radial Column charts and Nightingale Rose charts may look similar, but they always have slices with the same angle in the middle.

#8 What very specific type of chart is this??The ratio width / height is the same for each bar

It’s also a Bar Mekko chart – not a Marimekko chart however – but when the width / height ration is all the same for any bar, we have a more particular case of Proportional Area chart.

#9 What chart is NOT part of this graph??It is indeed a stock financial chart

The Bollinger Band is also a Range Spline Area chart, related to the Candlestick chart in front.

#10 What kind of Pyramid chart is this??Pyramid segments vary in width

Only Pyramid Area charts have segments with the same height, but different width on top and at the bottom.


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