How to Create a Lollipop Chart

Table of Contents

What is a Lollipop Chart

Lollipop Charts are variation in the style of some bar charts, in which the bar becomes a stick. They may also apply to point markers, represented now as bubbles with data values inside. You may be able to switch from Lollipop to regular and back with one single toolbar button click.

Three visual elements may define the Lollipop Chart style:

  1. Bars – they all become thin sticks, like in Line charts.
  2. Markers – when visible, they make the sticks look like lollipops.
  3. Data Labels – when visible, they show up inside the markers, when they are visible.

This style transformation may apply to the following chart types:

  1. Bar Charts – for almost any kind of single and multi-series Bar chart type.
  2. Other Bar-Based Charts – for chart types such as Histogram, Pareto, Waterfall.
  3. Cartesian Charts – only for the point markers of Scatter/Line/Area charts.
  4. Polar/Radar Charts – only for the point markers of Polar Scatter/Line/Area charts.
  5. Radial Column Charts – for single or Stacked Radial Column Charts.
  6. Kagi Charts – only for the point markers.

How to Switch to a Lollipop Chart

Here is a styled MultiColor Column Chart:

You switch to the view below with the following three actions:

  1. Show as Lollipop toolbar button –> bars changed to thin sticks.
  2. Show markers, as bubble –> the sticks look like lollipop now.
  3. Show data labels, as values –> the labels appear now inside the markers.

Lollipop Column Chart

Customize your Lollipop Chart

  1. Show as monochrome, with one single color for all bars.
  2. Change the default bubble marker.
  3. Check it in 3D.

Custom Lollipop Chart


  • Switching to a Lollipop chart in Data Xtractor or Visual Xtractor is possible with one click of a button.
  • Showing your bars as lollipop sticks avoids so much clutter and distraction.