How to Create a Ring or Arc Chart

Table of Contents

What is a Ring/Arc Chart

Ring Charts are variation in the style of some circular charts in which the doughnut becomes a thin ring. For Arc Charts, the semi-doughnut or other shape looking like an incomplete ring becomes a thin arc. You may be able to switch from Ring/Arc to regular and back with one single toolbar button click.

This style transformation may apply to the following chart types:

  1. Doughnut Charts and Gauges – for single and Nested Doughnuts, or Doughnut Gauges.
  2. Semi-Doughnut Charts and Solid Gauges – for single and Nested Semi-Doughnuts.
  3. Sunburst Charts – including the Sunburst Pies.
  4. Radial Heat Maps – of any kind.
  5. Radial Bar Charts – for single or Stacked Radial Bar Charts.

How to Switch to a Ring/Arc Chart

Here is a styled Nested Doughnut Chart:

Nested Doughnut Chart

You switch to the view below with the toolbar button Show as Ring or Arc, that’s all.

Ring Nested Doughnut Chart

Customize your Ring/Arc Chart

  1. Hide the data labels, if they get too close on this type of charts.
  2. Consider a default or Soft Edge drawing style, as Concave may not display properly.
  3. Switch to a semi-transparent ring background.
  4. Check it in 3D.

Styled Ring Nested Doughnut Chart


  • Switching to a Ring or Arc chart in Data Xtractor or Visual Xtractor is possible with one click of a button.
  • Showing your circular shapes as rings or arcs avoids so much clutter and distraction.