How to Add Checkboxes

Table of Contents

What are Checkboxes

Checkboxes are a convenient simple way to graphically represent a boolean True or False condition. Unlike their related checkbox controls, they are not interactive: they show just one type of static image on True, and another on False.

We have three pairs of checkboxes:

  1. Simple Checkboxes – monochrome images like most controls, with inner V for True.
  2. Validation Checkboxes – red X or green V for True images.
  3. Checked Checkboxes – just a black V image for True.

Steps to Create a Checkbox

Start Visual Xtractor or Data Xtractor. Connect to a database. Create or design a SQL query. Run the query and check the results.

  1. Display and enable the Inline Chart query builder.
  2. Set one boolean, string or numeric data column as CheckboxesSimple CheckboxesValidation Checkboxes or Checked Checkboxes.
  3. True is also a case-insensitive “true” string value, or a strict positive number.

Checkboxes Demo Query

Look for the ready-to-use Checkboxes generated query under the Queries > Demo Queries > Inline Charts > Images folder. Click on the “add demo queries” command link, if not there.

Hide the text in all inline charts to get the view below:

Checkboxes Demo


  • Creating Checkbox images in Data Xtractor or Visual Xtractor is fast and easy: set a boolean, text or numeric column as one of the Simple/Validation/Checked Checkboxes settings, to display checkbox images with the text or instead.
  • True is also a case-insensitive “true” text, or a strict positive number.
  • The icons will appear either in front of the text or in the middle of the cell.
  • No image is displayed for a NULL value.