How to Add Tally Marks

Table of Contents

What are Tally Marks

Tally marks keep track of numbers in groups of five. We add one similar line for each of the first four numbers within a group. The fifth number is represented by a diagonal line across the previous lines.

We have three styles of Tally Marks:

  1. Handwriting Marks
  2. Vertical Marks
  3. Horizontal Marks

Steps to Add Tally Marks

Start Visual Xtractor or Data Xtractor. Connect to a database. Create or design a SQL query. Run the query and check the results.

  1. Display and enable the Inline Chart query builder.
  2. Set a numeric column to one of the Tally MarksHandwriting MarksVertical Marks or Horizontal Marks settings.
  3. The numeric values will now be replaced with their graphic display in tally marks.

Tally Marks Demo Query

Look for the ready-to-use Tally Marks generated query under the Queries > Demo Queries > Inline Charts > Images folder. Click on the “add demo queries” command link, if not there.

Tally Marks


  • Adding Tally Marks in Data Xtractor or Visual Xtractor is fast and trivial: select on a numeric column one of the Handwriting/Vertical/Horizontal Marks settings, to display dynamic images with tally marks instead.