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Simple Drill-Down

Drill-down is a very powerful feature available on the query result list, through which you may instantly navigate to related information. If you select enough primary key fields in your query, we automatically detect which relationships you can traverse and expose a plus icon on top of each row.

For instance, the previous query should expose the Track ID primary key to have the drill-down available. When you do so, you may see not only the singular related lookup objects we’ve seen before, but also objects exposed through to-many relationships. Here is a partial view that exposes in full your lookup related objects, but through drill-down:


Multi-Level Drill-Down

You can eventually drill-down on multiple levels, just don’t get lost with too much information. For the same record, here is how you can navigate through a many-to-many relationship, than go further and see details on a related Playlist:


All Aggregates Tab

Whenever you use a Group query to aggregate data, you can automatically and instantly expose all aggregates for any particular row. They all appear in a first special All Aggregates tab, as in the query below. Which show total billed per country, then all bills for Argentina: