Data Xtractor Full Plan


Data Xtractor is already free for SQLite, Firebird, Microsoft SQL Server CE and Microsoft Access. This annual subscription gives you a similar full access to the supported versions of these additional relational DBMSs: MySQL, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database, Oracle, IBM Db2, Sybase/SAP ASE, and Sybase/SAP SQL Anywhere.

The subscription allows you to run queries designed with our visual SQL query builder, and see their generated SQL, in Data Xtractor. This is the most advanced paid plan for Data Xtractor and it gives you full access to all our supported databases.

5% off for more than one, or 10% for more than 5 subscriptions!


* A 7-day Free Trial, with full access to all supported database, is also automatically triggered once you install the product.

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