Planning for Database Migrations

Many project managers, database administrators, system architects or software developers experience at least once in their lifetime the perspective of a database migration. Your company acquired Oracle and you want to see if your SQL Server based application cannot be easily switched to Oracle. Or to an open-source client-server database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL. Or, for a small application with no justification for such large resources, you want to check the cost of migrating all your queries to SQLite or Firebird. (more…)

Better than a Spreadsheet

Grouping is great, but it should be just the beginning. How many times you had some aggregates (totals, counts etc), but could not immediately and instantly expand ANY row, to see what records have been actually considered together? In Query Xtractor, result rows of any GROUP BY query are designed to be further navigated this way!

Limitations with Purpose Equal Strength

Our suite may be the only such database tool on the market today that offers this important security level: making sure data and metadata are only “xtracted” from a database, and never altered (including deletions and insertions). Our customers will just drill-down on relational relationships the fastest possible way, looking for data. They will reverse engineer your database metadata and expose comprehensible and flexible data models as diagrams. But they may never, and they should never, alter whatever your connected databases may have.