Alternatives to Pie Charts, with FREE Cheat Sheet Infographic

If you are wondering about alternatives to Pie charts you may use, here is a detailed reference, with a short checklist for every transition to an equivalent or similar chart type. At the end, we share a cheat sheet infographic you may use for your projects.

We limited this post to a typical single-series Pie chart with a small acceptable number of slices, having all values already sorted in descending order. Other specific Pie chart types, with just two slices, or with multiple side-by-side or nested pies, may be considered separately in another post.

Detect Overlapping Intervals

Let’s see how Query Xtractor can help you solve the typical SQL problem of detecting overlapping datetime intervals. We have a table of projects employees are working on for a period of time, between a start and end date. It is indeed very hard to figure out from the results grid how large each period of time is and how they compare to each other.